The Nexus is one of the realm’s greatest mysteries. It has been studied for centuries, but only a fraction of it’s true power has been unlocked.

The Nexus is located at the exact center of the realm, where all of the world’s ley lines converge, making it a source of unparalleled and unfathomable magical potential.

One of the powers of the Nexus that has been discovered is the ability for someone to use it to expand and magnify their influence, an ability that has been used by authority, both legitimate and otherwise to strengthen that authority. It has been used by all three Empires as well as the Tyrant Emperor at the end of the second Alesian Empire.

The Nexus has also been used to increase the lifespan of those that draw from it’s power, as was demonstrated by the Tyrant Emperor, who used the Nexus to keep himself alive long for several centuries to revel in his power.

There’s more, but the site is so powerful, it’s magic so deep running that it is impossible to know more about it. Scholars have studied it for thousands of years, spending entire lifetimes to add new sentences or even new words to what has been learned about it. But still people dedicate their lives to it. The secrets of the universe may very well be locked in there.

But beyond whatever abilities can be granted by or taken from the Nexus, the one that is the most important is the one that isn’t really derived from the Nexus at all, but one that is just as strong given centuries of tradition.

Whoever controls the Nexus has the legitimate authority in the realm.

When humans first learned of the Nexus, they immediately built a keep over the site, which would eventually become the city of Alesia, and from there they began to expand their holdings. There were some setbacks, but the perceived truth that they had the right to do this because they controlled the Nexus was never challenged. However, the truth of this claim can only be backed up by what those controlling the Nexus can legitimately hold onto, as was discovered by the first Empire, who attempted to use this “divine right” to expand too quickly and collapsed under it’s own weight relatively quickly. Since then, the Alesians have been content to let the Empire expand when it’s ready, slowly but surely expanding it’s borders and absorbing more and more of the realm into it’s territory.


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