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Above: The Guardian Falls near the center of the city

The heart of the Alesian Empire, this city is a sprawling metropolis of soaring towers and extravagant buildings.

The city is also the location of the exact center of the realm, where all of the ley lines converge. It is said that he who controls this Nexus controls the realm, and is able to influence events to his liking. This is how the tyrant king managed to maintain his power even though people outside of the city’s influence were rising up in armed rebellion, and it is why such progress has been made in the present day Empire.

The city is a huge affair, with towers that stretch skywards and vast temples to the various gods of the Empire located all across the city. At the center of the city stands the Nexus Palace, where the Emperor lives and holds his court and where the well giving the Empire access to the Nexus is located. Everything radiates outward from the palace, getting less and less opulent as one heads further towards the city walls. While there aren’t necessarily any “poor” sections of the city, things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are plenty of impoverished individuals living within the city, and there is no small amount of violent crime and other dangers to be found in the back alleyways of the city.

Towards the center of the city sits the College of the Bards, the sprawling school that teaches those throughout the Realm the bardic arts, be it song, speechcraft, or any other form of art. Also in the city’s center stands the spiraling towers of the University of the Arcane, the largest school for those who wish to unlock the secrets of the universe through the study of the arcane and spellcraft.

Notable Locations within the Empire
Gray Hills
Songheim Forest
Breakwater Bay
Cape of Ghosts
White Crown River
River of Sorrow
Lake of Tears


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